Three-Minute-Thesis Competition

Three Minute Thesis Competition

3……2………1……….. Your Time Is Up!!!

Ladies and Gentleman it’s that time once again for the 3 Minutes Thesis Competition to find out how to be part of this pressure cooking, heart racing and educational challenge, please see below for more information from our College Dean of Research, Professor Marita Carnelley:

The College has registered for participation in the national 3MT competition.

See the invitation and background in link below. We have not received the 2016 judging
criteria and rules, but the 2015 documents in link below presume that these
will be similar – it is after all an international competition.

3 MT – Invitation and Background – 2016

3 MT – Judging Criteria- 2015

3 MT – Rules of the Competition- 2015

To prepare for this national event, we are (again) holding an internal competition. Those who participated last year will be able to tell you the fun we had and how useful the exercise was for their research.

We will eventually require a panel of two (2) judges per school (Law and MIG can use the same judges in PMB and DBN should they be prepared to do so) and the names of six (6) registered PhD candidates per school per session that may or may not be staff members who would like to participate. The national rules apply. Although there are no prize money for the internal winners, the CLMS team to the national competition will be sponsored by the College to participate in Bloemfontein on 25 November. 

The prize money in Bloemfontein is R15 000 for the winner, R10 000 for the 1st runner up and R5000 for the 2nd runner up!


Looking forward to the fun and games!

Kind regards, Marita




There will be two opportunities to participate in the first round (the winners of each of the School sessions will battle it out for the required UKZN national team at a later date):



Date: 26 July 2016

Time: 9 – 11 (one hour per School – Law and MIG)

Venue: Law PG Centre (not Law School)



Date: 29 July 2016

Time: 9 – 13 (one hour per School)

Venue: Law School Boardroom, Howard College Building    


Please circulate widely for possible participants and audience members so that they can see how it is done. The call is limited to all registered doctoral students at an accredited South African University (their rules). All the participants and audience members should work through their College Academic Leader Research:


31 May 2016             –        RSVP to UFS to register (done)

24 June 2016            –         RSVP School participant lists to Christel

08 July 2016             –         RSVP number of School attendees to Christel (space is limited and for catering purposes)  

22 July 2016             –         Participants’ PP slide to Marita

26 July 2016             –         PMB 3MT competition

29 July 2016             –         DBN 3MT competition

15 October 2016       –         Participant names to UFS

24 October 2016       –         Presentations and abstracts to UFS

25 November 2016    –        National 3MT competition (Bloemfontein)