Welcome to the College of Law and Management Studies Research Office

The College of Law and Management (CLMS) is developing a vibrant
post-doctoral research scholarship (PDS) community, engaging in a range
of cutting edge and socially relevant research projects. The PDSs
contribute in diverse ways to the research enterprise and postgraduate
environment and are key partners in realising the University vision of
becoming the Premier University of African Scholarship.

The CLMS and UKZN are committed to growing its PDS programme and
through the necessary support hope to provide an exciting opportunity
to newly qualified doctoral candidates to develop and hone their
research and publication skills; to expand their academic credentials
and to contribute to the knowledge base of the College, the University
and the country as a whole.

UKZN has the second highest postdoc population in the country,
with 276 PDSs across the four colleges: the College of Science,
Engineering and Science (CAES); College of Health Sciences (CHS);
College of Humanities (CH) and the College of Law and Management Studies
(CLMS). The current PDSs are a diverse group, mostly international,
with participants from various African countries, India, Europe and
North America.

Why UKZN? University of KwaZulu-Natal is located in two cities,
Durban and Pietermaritzburg, and has five campuses: Edgewood, Howard
College, Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, Pietermaritzburg and
Westville. UKZN is one of three African universities rated amongst the
top 500 universities in the world and in 2012 was recognised as the most
research productive university in South Africa! As one of South
Africa’s pre-eminent research institutions, UKZN provides a dynamic
research and innovation environment to flourish as a researcher.

The CLMS has four Schools: the Graduate School of Business and
Leadership, the School of Accounting, Economics & Finance that is
strategically associated with the Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research
Division (HEARD), the School of Law and the School of Management,
Information Technology and Governance with disciplines ranging from
Marketing and Supply Chain Management; Management and Entrepreneurship;
Human Resources and Labour Relations; Information Systems and Management
to Public Governance.

Prospective PDS can find all the relevant information in the
CLMS PDS Guide hereunder. Information about current PDSs are also