NRF Information Sessions


Description:This presentation focuses on the range of funding opportunities for next generation researchers (Honours, masters, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates). Details are provided on the application process, eligibility 


Presenters : Dr Thashni Pillay, Director: Grant Management and Systems Administration


+27 12 481 4241

Target Audience: Postgraduate students and supervisors
Title: Portfolio of funding opportunities for next generation researchers

Description:The NRF strategically invests in established researchers through various funding opportunities which will be the subject of this presentation. It also provides details on the application process, eligibility criteria, conditions for award, processing of funding and review.

Presenter: Ms Marinky Tshephe,Professional Officer: Grant Management and Systems Administration  –+27 12 481 4060 

Presenter: Ms Jane Mabena, Professional Officer: Grant Management and Systems Administration – +27 12 481 4067

Target Audience: Established researchers Title: Portfolio of funding instruments for opportunities for established researchers
Description:The rating system is a key driver in the NRF’s aim to build a globally competitive science system in South Africa. It is a valuable tool for benchmarking the quality of South African-based researchers against the best in the world.  NRF ratings are allocated based on a researcher’s recent scholarly outputs and impact as perceived by international peer reviewers. Rated researchers as supervisors will impart cutting-edge skills to the next generation of researchers.


Presenter: Ms Joyce Olivier, Director: Reviews and Evaluation – +27 12 481 4106

 Target Audience: Researchers interested in NRF rating  Title: Requirements for NRF rating
Description: One objective of the NRF is to support the creation of new knowledge and research by funding the best research projects, in any area relevant to South Africa, through the reviews and evaluation processes. This presentation outlines critical aspects to consider when preparing a research grant proposal that will ensure success.

Presenter: Ms Singathwa Mbangeni, Professional Officer: Reviews and Evaluation

Target Audience: Postgraduate students and supervisors Title: Review eligible and fundable research grant proposals